Мордовский фанерный комбинат

«Mordovian Plywood Factory CJSC»
is the woodworking plant, located in Saransk. The main direction is the production of birch veneer, plywood and bed slats.

In the process of production we use only high quality birch veneering log. Steady structure and high mechanical properties of raw materials allow us to obtain a strong and smooth veneer.

We produce birch veneer from 1 to 4 sorts. All these sorts are used in our production.

All the products of «Mordovian Plywood Factory» CJSC comply with the ISO quality standards, phytosanitary regulations, the emission class of urea-formaldehyde resin E1 is confirmed by an appropriate certificate.

We are ready to provide additional information and answer your questions and hope for mutually long term beneficial cooperation.